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2016 Technical Reports Filed by CSE Faculty and Graduate Students

CSE # 16-001 

Effective Capacity Modulation as an Explicit Control Knob for Public Cloud Profitability
Cheng Wang, Bhvan Urgaonkar, Aayush Gupta, Lydia Y. Chen, Robert Birke, George Kesidis 

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CSE # 16-002 

Navigating the Public Cloud Labyrinth: A study of Price, Capacity, and Scaling granularity Trade-offs
Cheng Wang, Bhuvan Urgaonkar, Aayush Gupta, Qianlin Liang

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CSE # 16-003

Modeling and Detecting Bidding Anomalies in Day-ahead Electricity Markets

Y. Shan, C. Lo Prete, G. Kesidis, D.J. Miller

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CSE # 16-004 

Dswitch: Write-aware Dynamic Inclusion Property Switching for Emerging Asymmetric Memory Technologies

Hsiang-Yun Cheng, Jishen Zhaoy, Jack Sampson, Mary Jane Irwin, Aamer Jaleelz, Yu Lux, and Yuan Xie

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CSE # 16-005

A Measurement-based Study of Effective Capacity Dynamism on Amazon EC2 (Revised Sept. 12, 2016)
Neda Nasiriani, Cheng Wang, George Kesidis, Bhuvan Urgaonkar

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CSE # 16-006

Identification and Empirical Analysis of Amazon EC2 Spot Instance Features for Cost-Effective Tenant Procurement

Cheng Wang, Quianlin Liang, Bhuvan Urgaonkar

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CSE # 10-007




CSE # 10-008




CSE # 16-009

Fair scheduling of multiple resource types over multiple and heterogeneous resource pools

G. Kesidis, Y. Wang, B. Urgaonkar J. Khamse-Ashari and I. Lambadaris

Download: .pdf

CSE # 16-010

Flow Based Botnet Detection through Semi-supervised Active Learning

Zhicong Qiu, David J. Miller, George Kesidis

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CSE # 16-011

Exploiting Spot and Burstable Instances for Improving the Cost-efficacy of In-Memory Caches on the Public Cloud

Cheng Wang, Bhuvan Urgaonkar, George Kesidis, Quianlin Liang, Aayush Gupta

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CSE # 16-012

A moving target and shuffle-decimation quarantine strategy to combat persistent DDoS attacks on a distributed, indirection server system in the cloud

George Kesidis, Yuquan Shan, Angelos Stavrou, Dan Fleck, Takis Konstantopoulos

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