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2015 Technical Reports Filed by CSE Faculty and Graduate Students


CSE #15-001 

Reconstructing affine codes from their memory traces

Gabriel Rodriguez, Jose M. Andion and Mahmut T. Kandemir   

Download: pdf


CSE # 15-002

On Fair Attribution of Costs Under Peak-based Pricing to Cloud Tenants

Neda Nasiriani, Cheng Wang, George Kesidis, Bhuvan Urgaonkar, Lydia Chen, Robert Birke

Download: pdf


CSE # 15-003

Optimizing Off-Chip Accesses in Manycores

Wei Ding, Xulong Tang, Mahmut Kandemir, Yuanrui Zhang

Download: pdf


CSE # 15-006

Multicommodity aggregative games for tenant
orchestration in a public, neutral cloud



G. Kesidis, N. Nasiriani, Y. Shan and B. Urgaonkar

Download: pdf



CSE # 15-007

PuPPIeS: Transformation-Supported Personalized
Privacy Preserving Partial Image Sharing


Jianping He, Bin Liu, Deguang Kong, Xuan Bao, Na Wang, Hongxia Jin, George Kesidis

Download: pdf




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