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2013 Technical Reports Filed by CSE Faculty and Graduate Students


CSE # 13-001

Interest-group discovery and management by peer-to-peer online social networks

Jianping He, David J. Miller and George Kesidis

Download: pdf


CSE # 13-002

Avoiding Overages by Deferred Aggregate Demand for PEV Charging on the Smart Grid

G. Pang, G. Kesidis and T. Konstantopoulos

Download: pdf

CSE # 13-003-007 TBA


CSE # 13-008

Distributed ALOHA game with partially rule-based cooperative, greedy, and vigilante players

G. Kesidis, K. Kotobi, C. Griffin

Download: pdf


CSE # 13-009 TBA


CSE # 13- 010

A Hierarchical Demand Response Framework for Data Center Power Cost Optimization Under Real-World Electricity Pricing

Cheng Wang, Bhuvan Urgaonkar, Qian Wang and George Kesidis

Download: pdf  


CSE #13-011-12 TBA


CSE #13-013

A Marketplace Game With Neither Distribution Costs Nor Distribution-Capacity Constraints

G. Kesidis, C. Griffin and D.J. Miller
Download: pdf


CSE #13-014

Memory-Aware Warp Scheduling

Adwait Jog, Onur Kayiran, Nachiappan CN, Asit Mishra, Mahmut Kandemir, Onur Mutlu, Ravi Iyer, Chita Das

Download: pdf

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