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2012 Technical Reports Filed by CSE Faculty and Graduate Students


CSE #12-001

MROrchestrator: A Fine-Grained Resource Orchestration Framework for Hadoop MapReduce

Bikash Sharma, Ramya Prabhakar, Seung-Hwan Lim, Mahmut T. Kandemir and Chita R. Das

Download: pdf


CSE #12-002

CloudPD: Problem Determination and Diagnosis in Shared Dynamic Clouds

Bikash Sharma, Praveen Jayachandran, Akshat Verma and Chita R. Das

Download: pdf


CSE # 12-003

Peer-to-peer caching systems with selfish peers: A spectral approach

Youngmi Jin, George Kesidis and Fatih Kocak

Download: pdf


CSE # 12-004

Automated scheduling of deferrable PEV/PHEV load in the smartgrid

Hongyuan Lu, Guodong Pang and George Kesidis

Download: pdf


CSE # 12-005

Securing the Smart Grid Marketplace: General Trends and Overnight Scheduling Electric Vehicle Demand

J. Rowe, J. Bushnell, G. Kesidisy, K. Levitt, D.J. Millery, D.S. Rapson, and A. Scaglione

Download: pdf


CSE # 12-006

Neither More Nor Less: Optimizing Thread-level Parallelism for GPGPUs

Onur Kayiran, Adwait Jog, Mahmut T. Kandemir, and Chita R. Das

Download: pdf


CSE # 12-007

HybridMR: A Hierarchical MapReduce Scheduler for Hybrid Data Centers

Bikash Sharma, Timothy Wood, and Chita R. Das

Download: pdf

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