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2009 Technical Reports

2009 Technical Reports Filed by CSE Faculty and Graduate Students


CSE #09-001
A Resilient and Collaborative Replacement Framework for Per-Flow Monitoring
Gunwoo Nam, Pushkar Patankar, Seung-Hwan Lim, Bikash Sharma, George Kesidis, and Chita R. Das
Download: pdf


 CSE #09-002
A Hardware-Software Codesign Strategy for Loop Intensive Applications
Yuanrui Zhang and Mahmut Kandemir
Download: pdf


 CSE #09-003
Automatic Parallel Code generation for NUFFT Data Translation
Yuanrui Zhang and Mahmut Kandemir 
Download: pdf


CSE #09-004



CSE #09-005
Adapting Automatic Image Annotations via Meta-learning 
Ritendra Datta, Jia Li and James Z. Wang
Download: pdf


CSE #09-006
Never Turned in Title, etc.

CSE #09-007
MDLSim: A Multi-tier Data Center Simulation Platform 
Seung-Hwan Lim, Bikash Sharma, Gunwoo Nam, Eun Kyoung Kim, and Chita R. Das 
Download: pdf


CSE #09-008
FlashSim: A Simulator for NAND Flash-based Solid-State Drives 
Young Jae Kim, Brendan Tauras, Aayush Gupta, and Bhuvan Urgaonkar 
Download: pdf


CSE #09-009
Symbolic Execution Based Data Flow Analysis for Optimizing Compilers: Proof of Semantic Equivalence of a Program and Code Generated from the Symbolic Execution Based Data Flow Analysis 
Emre Kultursay, Kemal Ebcioglu and Mahmut Kandemir 
Download:  pdf


CSE #09-010
Continuity Analysis of Programs
Swarat Chaudhuri, Sumit Gulwani, and Roberto Lublinerman
Download: pdf


CSE #09-011
Symmetry-Driven Shape Matching 
Seungkyu Lee and Yanxi Liu
Download:  pdf


CSE #09-012
A Quatum Diffusion Network 
George Kesidis
Download:  pdf


CSE #09-013
Addressing Non-Uniform Aging in Microprocessor Storage Structures
Niranjan Soundararajan, Michael DeBole, Vijay Narayanan, Anand Sivasubramaniam, and Victor Lyubosiavsky
Download: not available at this time


CSE #09-014
A Quantitative Comparison Study of Neuroimage Midsagittal Plans Extraction Algorithms
Guilherme C. S. Ruppert, Leonid Teverovskiy, Chen-Ping Yu, Alexandre X. Falcao, and Yanxi Liu
Download: not available at this time


CSE #09-015
Statistical Asymmetry-based Fully Automatic Brain Tumor Segmentation From 3D MR Images
Chen-Ping Yu, Guilherme Ruppert, Alexandre X. Falcao, Dan T. D. Nguyen, and Yanxi Liu
Download: not available at this time


CSE #09-016
eBuff: Excploiting Stored Energy for Peak Power Reduction in Datacentors
Siram Govindar, Anand Sivasubramaniam, and Bhuvan Urgaonkar
Download: not available at this time


CSE #09-017
3D Tree cache - Novel Approach to Non-Uniform Access Latency Cache Architectures for 3D CMPs
Konrad Malkowski, Padma Raghavan, Mahmut Kandemir, and Mary Jane Irwin
Download: pdf


CSE #09-018
k-Selection over Uncertain Data
Xingjie Liu, Mao Ye, Jianliang Xu, Yuan Tian, and Wang-Chien Lee
Download: pdf

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