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Research Topics

Research plays an important role in graduate education in computer science and engineering at Penn State. A summary of some of the current research activities of the CSE graduate faculty follows. These research groups are not formal groups, but are described to aid prospective students. Researchers may work in several areas or may be engaged in research that does not fit into any group.


          Design and construction of algorithms and software systems for analysis of biological sequence
          data, including genomic DNA sequences, expressed DNA sequences, and protein sequences.

Computer Vision
Computer vision systems bring together imaging devices, computers, mathematical formalisms and algorithms for solving applied problems in areas such as industrial inspection, medicine, document analysis, autonomous navigation, and remote sensing.
Researchers in the databases area focus on data management issues in pervasive computing environments, digital libraries, data integration and interoperation, citation analysis, and large scale image databases.
Embedded and Hardware Systems
low power and thermal-aware design techniques, co-synthesis and code compression for embedded systems, robust circuit and system design related to soft errors and process variation, 3D integrated circuit and microarchitecture design, parallel and distributed systems, the use of field programmable gate array's (FPGAs) for a variety of applications including real-time event-driven simulation and real-time image recognition, migration problems from the redesign of legacy hardware and software, and analog-digital mixed-signal design
Enterprise Computing and IT Infrastructure Management
The research conducted in CSL lies at the intersection of cutting edge technologies in hardware, networks, systems software and applications towards enhancing performance, manageability, integrity, availability, and security with minimal operational costs.
Network and Security
The expertise of the members includes mobile networking, protocol design, performance analysis and simulation, wireless communication, networked applications, and large networking software systems
Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
Research in topics spanning numerical linear algebra, parallel scientific computing, and computational science and engineering.
Theoretical Computer Science
Graph algorithms, approximation algorithms, sublinear-time algorithms, computational complexity, randomized algorithms, computational geometry, coding theory, computational molecular biology, cryptography, privacy, computational logic, type theory, and programming languages semantics.
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