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Piotr Berman
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Piotr Berman

  • Associate Professor
346H IST Building
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 865-1611


  1. Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Berman joined the department in September 1982. His earlier education took place in Poland, where he received his master's degree from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Uniwersytet Warszawski (University of Warsaw). He pursued further graduate research at Instytut Matematyczny PAN (Mathematics Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences) prior to coming to the United States to study for his doctorate at MIT. Currently, Dr. Berman is working on theoretical issues of distributed systems and approximation algorithms. In general, he is interested in the theory of algorithms and its applications in other areas of computer science, such as distributed databases and biological computing.

Research Interests:

Computational Molecular Biology, Approximation Algorithms, Computational Complexity, Theory of Distributed Systems

Selected Publications:

  1. Wang, G., G. Cao, P. Berman, T. F. La Porta. May 2007. Bidding Protocols for Deploying Mobile Sensors. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 6(5):563-576.
  2. Berman, P., B. DasGupta, E. Sontag. April 2007. Randomized Approximation Algorithms for Set Multicover Problems with Applications to Reverse Engineering of Protein and Gene Networks. Discrete Applied Mathematics 155(6-7):733-749.
  3. Berman, P., B. DasGupta. May 2000. Improvements in Throughput Maximization for Real-Time Scheduling. Proceedings of STOC 2000. pp. 680-687. Portland, OR.
  4. Berman, P., A. B. Kahng, D. Vidhani, H. Wang, A. Zelikovsky. 2000. Optimal Phase Conflict Removal for Layout of Dark Field Alternating Phase Shifting Masks. Transactions of CAD 19(2):175-187.
  5. Berman, P., Z. Zhang, Y. Wolf, E. Koonin, W. Miller. April 1999. Winnowing Sequences from a Database Search. Proceedings of RECOMB '99.pp. 50-58. Lyon, France.