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Jesse Barlow
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Jesse Barlow

  • Professor
343G IST Building
University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 863-1705


  1. Ph.D., Northwestern University


Jesse Barlow joined Penn State in September 1981. At various times he has held visiting positions at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, New York University, the University of Manchester, and the Graduate Center at the City University of New York. His current research includes the solution of eigenvalue and least squares problems and the application of numerical linear algebra to image processing.

He chaired the local organizing committee for the Householder Symposium XVI held at Seven Springs, PA, May 21-25, 2005. He has also been the co-organizer for the IWASEP series of eigenvalue workshops; the most recent was held at University Park, PA on May 22-25, 2006. He is currently an associate editor for the SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications and for Computational Statistics and Data Analysis

Research Interests:

Numerical Linear Algebra, Scientific Computing, Linear Algebra in Signal and Image Processing

Selected Publications:

  1. Smoktunowicz, A., J. Barlow, J. Langou. December 2006. A Note on the Error Analysis of Classical Gram-Schmidt. Numerische Mathematik 105(2):299-313.
  2. Fu, H., M. Ng, J. Barlow. 2006. Structural Total Least Squares for Color Image Restoration. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 28(3):1100-1119.
  3. Fu, H., M. Ng, M. Nikolova, J. L. Barlow. 2006. Efficient Minimization Methods of Mixed l2-l1 and l1-l1 Norms for Image Restoration. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 27(6):1881-1902.
  4. Barlow, J., A. Smoktunowicz, H. Erbay. 2005. Improved Gram-Schmidt Type Downdating Methods. BIT 45(2):259-285.
  5. Barlow, J., N. Bosner, Z. Drmac. March 2005. A New Stable Bidiagonal Reduction Algorithm. Linear Algebra and Its Applications 397(1):35-84.