bullet Wang-Chien Lee

Current Members

bulletKen C.K. Lee
bulletHuajing Li
bullet Mei Li
bulletBing-Rong Lin
bullet Ross Rosemark
bulletBrandon Unger
bullet Julian Winter
bullet Yingqi Xu


Graduated Members

bulletQinglong Hu, Ph.D., “Data Dissemination and Access for Mobile Computing” (Co-advised with D. Lee), Department of Computer Science, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, January 1999. (IBM San Jose Lab.)
bulletEric Hough, BS/CMPEN (Honor), “Supporting Multiple Access Points in Wireless Sensor Network”, PSU, Dec. 2003. (pursuing M.S. at CMU)
bulletJulian Winter, MS/CSE, “Performance Evaluation of Prediction-Based Power Saving Techniques for Object Tracking Sensor Networks”, PSU, Dec. 2003 (Pursuing Ph.D. at PSU)
bulletSekpon Juntapremjitt, MEng/CSE, “Resource Locating Techniques in P2P Environment”, PSU, Dec. 2003.
bulletRavinda Kuhakarn, MEng/CSE, “Peer-to-Peer Network Security”, PSU, Dec. 2003.
bulletAdegbemiga Taylor, MS/CSE, “Adapting Ring-Based Peer-to-Peer Overlay Using Dynamic Query Pattern”, PSU, August 2004.
bulletSiddharth Ray, MS/CSE, “An Efficient Data Layout Scheme Using Grouping of Attributes” (co-advised with P. Mitra), PSU, May 2005.
bulletSteve Sokolowski, MS/CSE, “Indexing and Querying Terrain Data for Navigation by Autonomous Vehicles”, PSU, Dec. 2005.
bulletJosh Schiffman, BS/CS (Honor), “Efficient Valid Scope Determination in a Mobile Broadcast Environment”, PSU, May 2006.
bulletMichael Seltzer, MS/CSE, “Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Peer-to-Peer Infrastructures for Semantic Search”, PSU, July 2006.

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