Information Retrieval, Visualization and Analysis



The proliferation of Web-based information services, heterogeneous information content and resources, and ubiquitous Internet access have brought great challenges to integration and search of information. Dr. Lee is developing architectures, algorithms and tools that facilitate efficient retrieval, integration, search, analysis, mining, and visualization of information from disparate and large information sources. He is particularly interested Information related to, while not limited to, space and time. He is also involved in re-architecting and implementing the next generation CiteSeer ( in order to tackle the scalability and other critical performance and research issues. One primary design goal of this new architecture is to provide more flexible and versatile web services for specialized information search and system integration on the Internet. Finally, the Internet information services will eventually be mobilized and personalized such that the users may access to information without geographical limits. He is looking into technologies for supporting various services, including multimedia (such as voice, data, text, video streaming) for mobile users.

Research in this direction is supported in part by a grant from ARDA (the advanced research and development activities) which is a joint Department of Defense/Intelligence Community organization.


bulletWang-Chien Lee
bulletHuajing Li
bulletKen Lee
bulletJulian Winter


bulletLee Giles
bulletAlan MacEachren
bulletDonna Peuguet


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Path Dictionary: A New Approach to Query Processing in Object-Oriented Database (with D.L. Lee), IEEE Transaction on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE), Volume 10, No. 3, May/June 1998, pp. 371-388. [pdf]

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