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Simics-3.0.31 and Gems-2.1

How to build Gems-2.1 for simics-3.0.31 for lab218 RHEL 6 x86_64

Install and initial compile

This version of simics is built and tested for the CSE computerlab 218 built with RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 x86_64 bit using the g++34 compiler.

So start by loging in on console or ssh to one of the machiens in lab 218

    Host names are through

Students can issue the command

cp /home/software/simics/-3.0.31/rhel6-x86_64configs-gems-2.1/ ~/

They should edit the line and point it to the location they want it installed.  With out change it will attempt to install in their home directory which may kill their quota. (If you install it in your home directory and run out of space, you will have to rebuild from scratch)

setenv GEMSHOME ~/530-gems-2.1-rhel6-x86_64

Then they will issue the command  (assuming their default shell is tcsh) on one of the machines in lab 218

  (ssh or login on console to one of those machines. iss

source ~/

this will install gems and link to simics and copy the files below to their scripts folder.

Running examples

To run the examples cd to the location you installed it.

if you did install in your homedirectory and made no changes to the .sh file it would be

cd ~/530-gems-2.1-rhel6-x86_64/gems-2.1/simics/targets/MSI_MOSI_CMP_directory

The command to run simmics is:

./simics -no-win -stall ../../../scripts/<example>.simics

So to run the barnes-1p-memdep-simics.simics example

./simics -no-win -stall ../../../scripts/barnes-1p-memdep-simics.simics

You may edit the .simics files in ~/530-gems-2.1-rhel6-x86_64/gems-2.1/scripts to change the runtime or other attributes of the scripts.

Recompiling ruby and opal

Should you make any changes to the source code in ~/530-gems-2.1-rhel6-x86_64/gems-2.1/ruby or opal you would need to recompile using make in each directory.


Cd to your ruby directory and use the following make command to replicate how it was initially built.

make clean

Then cd to your opal directory and

make clean
make module DESTINATION=MSI_MOSI_CMP_directory


At this point you can return to your ~/530-gems-2.1-rhel6-x86_64/gems-2.1/simics/targets/MSI_MOSI_CMP_directory/

and rerun ./simics




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