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CSE High Performance Computing

HPC Resources for the department of Computer Science and Engineering at Penn State University

Inti Cluster


In the Department of Computer Science and Engineering High Performance Computing has been growing quickly and is rapidly becoming one of our largest computing areas. We strive to maintain custom computing environments for both computation and experimentation. Many of our users demand an environment where they have direct access to the kernel for driver and scheduler development. Each research group has different requirements and expectations. Staff members provide support from conception through deployment and manage day to day operations.



Currently HPC at CSE includes 10 Clusters and one lab.

  • Titan Cluster
  • Inti Cluster
  • Scotia Cluster (256 node atom cluster)
  • Lab-218 (Instructional Lab)
  • HHD Lab (Instructional Lab)
  • Ganga Cluster
  • Watson Cluster
  • Goliath (single system with 4TB memory and 60 cores)


Portable Batch Scheduler (PBS)

PBS is the method used to submit jobs to our clusters. If you have been granted access to the INTI cluster please read the PBS Users Guide





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