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Matlab at the PSU CSE Department

    • Environment
        • .software file
          • Remove the commenting (remove the "#") from the “matlab” stanza in the “.software” file in your home directory, eg:
                             # matlab: Matlab/Symlink
              • If you want to run a particular release of matlab, uncomment the line that contains the particular version.  For example, to run Matlab Release 2013A, you would need to uncomment (remove the "#") the line that contains "matlab_R2013a".
            • new_soft
              • If you don't have the ".software" file, then you can obtain the latest by running the following command:


              • Occasionally, you should run the "new_dots" command so that you can pick up the most current selections of software.  This will update your ".software" file with the most current selections and remove the ones that no longer exist.
            • new_dots
              • If the "new_soft" command is not in your path, then your should run the "new_dots" command which will copy all your current "dot" files to a folder named ".hold" and then copy the default "dot" files into your home directory.  If "new_dots" is not in your path, then you can find it in /usr/local/bin on the CSE linux machines.
        • Locating the program
          • Linux
            • /home/software/matlab
            • Note there may be other versions available in either case and would be found by "cd"ing to either /home/software or /import/software and doing an "ls -la m* ".  You can see also see what other versions are available in the .software" file.
            • More Info
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