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Lab Access Policies

Summary policies describing access permissions to various PSU CSE computing labs.

Access to CSE'S Windows Computing Lab (Room 220 IST Bldg.)

At a minimum, all undergrads CSE majors have full time access to 218 and 220.  Undergrads in CSE not yet accepted into the major but taking 311 have part time access.

These permissions were the recommendation of the Curriculum Committee.

Undergraduate Student Default Access Permission

CSE Undergrad Students have access to:
      218 IST
      220 IST
      IST Exterior Doors
This access is activated one week prior to the start of classes and expires on the Monday following graduation.  Undergrad students lose their card access over the summer.

Courses assigned to room 220 IST Bldg for full time access

Students enrolled in the following classes which are given 24/7 access to 220 IST:
      CMPSC 221
      CMPSC 458
      CMPEN 331
      CMPEN 472 and CMPEN 472H
      CMPEN/EE 417
      CMPEN 475

Part time access to room 220 IST Bldg.

‘Part time' access is given to students who are currently in CMPSC 311.  This class was added to 220 to give students who are preparing for entry into the CSE major.  Hours of access are:
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday - 8:00AM to 5:00PM
And from Friday 8:00AM until 5:00PM Monday

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