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Visa Information

For entry into India, non-Indian citizens should apply for a visa at the Indian Embassy or Consulate in the region they live. The local arrangement chairs, Mr. K. V. Subramaniam(HP) and Mr. Kapil Vaswani (Microsoft Research) are responsible for helping the HPCA attendees with the visa issues. If you meet difficulty in obtaining the visa to attend the conference, you may contact them for direct assistance.


The conference attendees are encouraged to apply for a business visa. All visa applicants in US are requested to obtain visas through Travisa Outsourcing Inc, as instructed on Consulate websites.(Visa applicants in US may apply either in person or by mail. For general information on how to obtain an Indian visa in US please follow this link.)


Business Visa:


If you are a participant in this conference, you are advised to state the purpose of your visit as "Attending a Conference". Please contact Mr. K. V. Subramaniam and Mr. Kapil Vaswani to issue an official invitation letter to apply for a business visa. Please include your full name, mailing address, name of the country which issued your passport, fax number and email address. The subject of your email should be: Visa Invitation letter for HPCA: Conference/Workshop/Tutorial. Obtaining the letter is time consuming, as the local organizer is obliged by regulation to check a number of things. We have obtained an approval for conducting this Conference from the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. If required, you can print this approval letter and submit it to the consulate to which you are applying for your visa along with your invitation letter. Application instructions/requirements for obtaining business visa in United States can be found here.


Tourist Visa:

The alternative way to visit India, is to apply for a tourist visa, which should give you enough time to attend the conference and participate in pre/post conference activities. Most attendees should be able to obtain a Tourist Visa. An official invitation letter is NOT required for obtaining a tourist visa. The regular processing time is 3 to 5 working days. Please plan ahead to allow enough time for visa processing. For specific instructions on obtaining tourist visa in United States please follow this link.




High-Performance Computer Architecture

Bangalore, India - January 9-14, 2010

Air Travel

Flights to India tend to fill up well ahead of the December holiday season. We recommend that you make your flight reservations 3-4 months in advance, to be on the safe side.

We strongly recommend that you avoid arriving in New Delhi or taking flights that stop in New Delhi en-route to Mumbai (Bombay) or Chennai (Madras) -- winter fog often

throws air-traffic off-gear in New Delhi. If you are planning to travel around India after/before the conference, check with your travel agent for attractive local air travel offers that are usually available with your international travel ticket.


Flights to India:


Most international airlines have direct flights to India from Europe and Singapore/Hong-Kong. From the US, most international airlines fly to India with a single stop-over, either in Europe or in the Far East. Direct flights to Bangalore are also available in some airlines (ex: Lufthansa). Most international airlines fly into Mumbai (Bombay) or Chennai (Madras).

Direct flights are available to Mumbai (Bombay) or Chennai (Madras) in many airlines (ex: Continental, American Airlines). We recommend that you fly into one of these cities, if not directly into Bangalore. Bangalore is well connected by air, road and rail to both these cities. Chennai-Bangalore is a 45 minute flight, and Mumbai-Bangalore is a 90 minute flight. Many common flight search websites (ex: Kayak, Travelocity, Priceline) can be used to book flights. In addition we suggest these two travel agents, and A.R. Tours and Travel.


Arrival at Bangalore:


Flights in to Bangalore will be now arriving at the new Bengaluru International Airport.

Airport maps are available here. Overview of arrival process for domestic and international

passengers is available here. Use the menu on the right to select domestic or international.




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