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Steven J. Schiff

Steven J. Schiff
Director, Penn State Center for Neural Engineering
Brush Chair Professor of Engineering
Professor of Neurosurgery
Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics
Professor of Physics (Courtesy Appointment)

212 Earth-Engineering Sciences Building
University Park, PA 16802

Phone : (814) 863-4210
Email :
URL : 


5 Publications most closely related to the proposed project:

1. Schiff, SJ, Sauer, T, Kalman Filter Control of a Model of Spatiotemporal Cortical Dynamics, Journal of Neural Engineering, 5:1-8, 2008.

2. Schiff, S.J., Sauer, T., Kumar, R. Weinstein, S.L., Neuronal Spatiotemporal Pattern Discrimination: The Dynamical Evolution of Seizures. NeuroImage, 28: 1043 1055, 2005.

3. Schiff, SJ, Huang, X, Wu, JY, Dynamical Evolution of Spatiotemporal Patterns in Mammalian Middle Cortex, Physical Review Letters, 98, 178102, 2007.

4. Huang, X, Troy, WC, Yang Q, Ma H, Laing, CR, Schiff, SJ, Wu J-Y, Spiral Waves in Mammalian Neocortex, Journal of Neuroscience, 24: 9897-9902, 2004.

5. Richardson, KA, Schiff, SJ, and Gluckman, BJ, Control of Traveling Waves in Mammalian Cortex, Physical Review Letters, 94, 028103, 2005

5 Other Significant Publications:

1. Ziburkus J, Cressman JR, Barreto E, and Schiff SJ, Interneuron and pyramidal cell interplay during in vitro seizure-like events, Journal of Neurophysiology, 95: 3948-3954, 2006.

2. Sunderam S., Chernyy N., Peixoto N, Mason JP, Weinstein SL, Schiff SJ, Gluckman BJ, Improved Sleep-Wake and Behavior Discrimination Using MEMS Accelerometers, J. Neurosci. Methods, 163: 373-383, 2007.

3. Gluckman, B. J., Nguyen, H., Weinstein, S. L., and Schiff, S. J., Adaptive Electric Field Suppression of Epileptic Seizures, Journal of Neuroscience, 21: 590-600, 2001.

4. Park, E-Y, Barreto, E, Gluckman, BJ, Schiff, SJ, and So, P., A Model of the Effects of Applied Electric Fields on Neuronal Synchronization, Journal of Computational Neuroscience, 19, 53-70, 2005.

5. Schiff SJ, Jerger K, Duong DH, Chang T, Spano ML, Ditto WL, Controlling Chaos in the Brain, Nature 370: 615-20, 1994.

d. Synergistic Activities

1. Editorial: Physical Review Letters, Divisional Associate Editor (Biological Physics), 2006- , Journal of Computational Neuroscience, Action Editor, 2006-, Editorial Board, Physical Review E (2000- 2005, two terms)

2. Organizer, conference on the Ethics of Neural Prosthetics, Fall 2007, Penn State University. Co- Organizer, Workshop on Pattern Formation in Physics and Biology, Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of California at Santa Barbara, 2003.

3. NIH Study Section service: Member IFCN8 1998-2002, Chair IFCN8 and COG 2002-2004, Chair Conte Center Study Section NIMH 2005

4. Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting service, Program Committee 2000-2002, Board of Directors 2005-

5. High School Neuroscience Project Outreach: Sidwell Friends School (Washington DC) and Thomas Jefferson School for Science and Technology (Fairfax VA), 2005-2006.

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