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Mentoring Program

The CSE-AS Mentoring Program offers students from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) the chance to connect with mentors from the Alumni Society. The program is jointly sponsored by the Department and Alumni Society to facilitate the professional development of computer science and computer engineering students by providing these students with guidance, counsel and networking opportunities. Students and alumni mentors are matched based on their background and interests and interact on a one-to-one basis for help with academic and professional development.

Student-Alumni Registration

To participate in the Mentoring Program, both students (all computer science and engineering undergraduate and graduate students as well as freshmen and sophomore students who are interested in CSE) and CSE-AS members (potential mentors) must register online and provide both contact and background information such as address, telephone number, and interests.

Students can request a mentor by completing the online registration at Student Program Registration.

CSE-AS members can register online to become mentors by providing the information requested at Alumni Mentor Registration.

Student-Mentor Matching

Representatives of the CSE Department and the CSE-AS will analyze registration information submitted by students and alumni to define effective student-mentor matches. As matches are made, the students and mentors will be notified of their matches and provided each others' background information.

Student-Mentor Resources

The Mentoring Handbook provides additional information on the mentoring program, including a detailed description of the mentoring process. Guidelines for establishing a successful student-mentor relationship are available at Student Guidelines, Mentor Guidelines, and an example of an Action Plan. These guidelines offer some of the best practices of successful student mentoring programs at Penn State. Contact information for assistance with issues outside the scope of mentoring are available at Resources for Students and Mentors.

If you have any questions regarding the Computer Science and Engineering Mentoring Program, please contact Amy Hasan by telephone at 814-865-9189 or by email at

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