QoISN: First IEEE Workshop on Quality of Information (QoI) for Sensor Networks


Organized by:

                                                    Chatschik Bisdikian

IBM T.J. Watson Research Center


James P. Richardson

Honeywell Labs


Vicraj Thomas

BBN Technologies 




In the dynamic, ad-hoc world envisaged for wireless sensor networks, the notion of the quality of information (QoI) produced by the network will be key to bringing together data capturing and information processing systems to support the on-demand information needs of a broad spectrum of applications such as remote real-time habitat monitoring, utility grid monitoring, environmental control, supply-chain management, health care, machinery control, intelligent highways, military intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance (ISR), border control, and hazardous material monitoring.


QoI, broadly speaking, represents a level of confidence that may be placed on information. It touches every part of the end-to-end flow of sensor-derived information, from the sensors themselves and the observation data they produce to the various fusion layers that process these data and eventually to the applications (and their users) that use them. The objective of the QoISN Workshop is to foster constructive discussions among researchers from academic, industrial and governmental institutions for formalizing the science of QoI for sensor networks. We seek novel contributions covering all aspects of QoI for sensor network, including:



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