The First Techno Symphony @ kickstarter
The First Techno Symphony @ kickstarter


My Activities:
My R&D firm devoted to high-risk/high-payoff research
UltraMax Project with Max Zorin: live act performing techno interpretations of classics
Gems 3D Puzzle Game for Windows, Mac, iPhone
Open-Access Peer Review & Social Network for Scientists
My wife's art: oil & colored pencil paintings and drawings

Computer Science
Expert Witness


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Dr. Max I. Fomitchev-Zamilov / UltraMax /
Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Engineering; Quantum Potential, Director
111J IST, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16803
Email: Phone: (814) 235-9785 Facebook YouTube

Curriculum Vitae pdf
Software Engineering CSE483W   Syllabus Description Materials   N-body Gravitational Simulation Project
Intermed. Programming CSE122 Syllabus Description Materials   Check out individual student projects
Intro to Programming   CSE121 Syllabus   Description   Materials   Check out student Tetris-game projects
Research: High-Risk/High-Payoff Projects with immediate applications

Research: Web Traffic
Don not believe the unique IP or unique cookie stats! Research shows that both cookies and unique IPs overestimate the unique visitors linearly with time, e.g. by as much as a factor of 10 in 30 days for daily periodic traffic.
Research: Mars Exploration
Liquid water flowing in central Aram Chaos in Mars? I think so! If Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) CRISM instrument confirms the hypothesis the central Aram Chaos area at 21.15W, 3.27N (IAU 1994) will be the prime candidate in search for life.

Southern craters: 'black oil' oozing from crater walls is still a mystery. If you are not afraid of large files check out this 500MB mosaic of a crater at 4.67W, 64.54S. There is evidence foe perennial freezing and thawing, you can even see waterline erosion on the rocks, except that it is too cold for water and there is no basin in the 'lake'! According to MOLA the 'lake' slopes horridly and it is too cold for liquid water based on THEMIS observations.
Research: Gravity & Astrophysics
Can dark matter and dark energy actually be effects of quantum gravity? I think yes! Dark matter will remain an embarrassment until detected, a superficial construct like ether. Perhaps Lorenz was right after all: CMB dipole allows defining a preferred frame of reference and Bohmian Mechanics is more elegant than Copenhagen interpretation.

Recent papers: Dark Matter and Dar Energy as Effects of Quantum Gravity Rotational Drag Force: a Viable Alternative to Dark Matter

Why galaxies have warps and bars? I think rotational drag force might be to blame. Galaxies are neither flat nor planar or static.

Research: Multi-Channel Music Synthesis
Real-time 4-channel music synthesis on PIC18 series is not just a toy. The concept is being developed into a professional quality multi-channel synthesis and mixing solution: why spin from scratchy 12" vinyl or scrappy stereo CD when you can spin from multi-channel DVD and have your drum and bass lines mixed separately and pitch-corrected?
Enterprise Application Development with Visual C++ .NET 2005 (Thomson, 2006, 650p, ISBN 1584503920)
.NET Programming with Visual C++ (CMP Books, 2003, 710p, ISBN 1578201292)
Consulting: Enterprise Application Development & Code Optimization
Ongoing, for Thomson Reuters, AIG, Cincinnati Financial, Lexis-Nexis, and others.